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A systemic & systematic review of your teaching

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A systemic & systematic review of your teaching

A systemic and systematic review of your teaching: Teacher Evidence Matrix

Based on the Quality Achievement Matrix (2000), I have adapted the original design for higher education. TheTeacher Evidence Matrix: an evaluation using multiple lines of evidence(2008) offers teachers a systematic and system approach to review their teaching practice. This matrix is designed for any teacher who is preparing for employment, promotion or performance processes.
All teachers and educators have a wealth of information about their teaching, sort of like the box of stuff tucked under the bed. This Matrix offers an opportunity for academics to unpack their teaching practice and step into evidence-based teaching review in a structured way. An added benefit is that the Teacher Evidence Matrix will identify gaps in your practice as you map your evidence against seven domains:
  1. Influencing the context of your institution
  2. Developing professional
  3. Evaluating teaching
  4. Assessing and giving feedback
  5. Teaching for learning
  6. Relating to students
  7. Designing for learning


The original Quality Achievement Matrix was developed by the Australian Quality Council and the Enterprise and Career EducationFoundationin 2000. A practical tool, it is underpinned by a sound theoretical bases and “is based on the idea that program of structured workplace learning achieve more when there is a collaborative culture of people trying to improve program processes and outcomes”.
The success of this tool is found in its straightforward design, holistic view and evidence-based approach leading to an action plan.
Lyn Alderman