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Design an evaluation for an outcomes-based policy

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Design an evaluation for an outcomes-based policy

This workshop is for leaders who are interested in understanding the impact of their policy. You will have the opportunity to analyse and review the purpose and performance of your policy using impact evaluation and design. Of our 101 tools you will be introduced to the following 10 tools:

Tool # 63 The four-quadrant quality model
Tool # 21 Strategy as policy
Tool # 42 Bringing context from background to foreground
Tool # 95 Data collection methods
Tool #69 World cafe
Tool # 28 Typology of qualitative tools
Tool # 50 Theory of change
Tool # 48 Program logic framework
Tool # 34 Different approaches to evaluation
Tool # 83 External evaluation design (to include costing and timeline)

Through the use of practice scenarios, instructions and tools, you will be able to identify and address concerns regarding your policy design and impact through evaluation design, developing timelines and costing.

Lyn Alderman