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Developing Emerging Leaders

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Developing Emerging Leaders

Developing emerging leaders’ capability through strategy and planning

Successful leaders are able to influence themselves and positively influence others. This workshop is for emerging leaders who want to build their leadership capability. Key strategies to support emerging leaders’ capability development will be explored including mentoring, coaching and training. Of our 101 strategic tools, you will be introduced to the following 10 tools:

Tool # 74 Self-review checklist
Tool # 11 Root cause analysis
Tool # 59 SWOT analysis
Tool # 39 Values checklist
Tool # 16 Value driver tree
Tool # 17 Decision tree analysis
Tool # 01 The High Impact Mentoring Model (HIMM)
Tool # 75 Coaching questions for emerging leaders
Tool # 26 Leader behaviour inventory
Tool # 30 Leader as mentor

Through the use of practice scenarios, instructions and guidelines you will have the opportunity to identify the core principles that drive your leadership approach and determine your authentic leadership style. You will leave with a range of tools and models that support you in mapping your career trajectory as a leader.

Lyn Alderman