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Co-designing policies with your stakeholders

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Co-designing policies with your stakeholders

Co-designing with your stakeholders is challenging. This workshop is for leaders who are keen to understand a range of approaches to engage in co-design. Key strategies to support leaders to engage with a wide range of stakeholders are presented. Of our 101 strategic tools, you will be introduced to the following 10 tools:

Tool # 63 The four-quadrant quality model
Tool # 24 Stakeholder analysis
Tool # 36 Stakeholder collaboration
Tool # 58 Charette brainstorming procedure
Tool # 05 Town hall meetings
Tool # 69 World café
Tool # 03 Open space technology workshops
Tool # 56 Focus groups
Tool # 77 Peer observations
Tool # 92 Structured, semi-structured and saturation interviews

Through the use of practice scenarios, instructions and guidelines you will have the opportunity to identify the core styles of engaging stakeholders. You will leave with a range of tools and models that support you in leading co-design activities in a safe environment.

Lyn Alderman