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Internal Workshops

The Evaluators' Collective / Internal Workshops

How It Works

Your organisation may be facing significant change and you want to be strategic about your decision-making. This can be challenging for any organisation when trying to determine if change is at a strategic, tactical or operational level. Internal workshops are designed to meet your participants at their current point and facilitate building internal capacity for evidence-based decision-making. In working through a range of issues, you will be able to document your decision-making and offer a rationale business case for change.

Where & When the workshops take place

The workshops can take place at your workplace or at a conveniently located training rooms. The benefit of holding it at your workplace is the reduced cost however, there is always the temptation to try and get some work done in the breaks. The benefit of holding it externally is the opportunity for your team to go offsite and this allows you to dedicate a significant amount of time and energy into this professional development.

Benefits of the Workshops

The benefits of the workshops are:

  • Prepare for change and tackle triggers for change in a proactive and productive manner
  • Facilitation by an external independent expert
  • Allocating time for the team to consolidate their understanding of the issue at hand
  • Development of internal organisational capacity to apply strategic decision-making tools to solve complex problems
  • Excellent onboarding activity for new staff
  • Opportunity to reinvigorate a team with new enthusiasm

Who is eligible to attend

Any organisation or team who are facing external or internal triggers for change will benefit from a tailored workshops focused on the issues at hand. It may be a new team forming, a change in direction for an organisation, a significant shift in government funding – these are all valid reasons to stop, look at your current position and determine if there is a need for future change.

What Happens after the Workshop

After the workshop, the Facilitator will prepare a report on the data collected at the workshop, feedback from the participants and photographs of all work produced during the workshop.

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