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The Evaluators' Collection

The Evaluators' Collection offers the evaluation community a stable, well maintained, repository for all types of evaluation products.

Register to Download Evaluation Papers to assist your research.

The types of products included are:

- Costing
- Design Plan
- Executive Summary
- Final Report
- Framework
- Interim Report
- Literature Review
- Monitoring and Learning Plan
- Preliminary Report
- Project Plan
- Statement of Achievement

The internet has brought a wealth of information to the world and with the ease of access to information, there is the issue of maintaining access. All of those fantastic reports and organisational documents that sit outside of formal structures (such as libraries, journal articles and books) are called ‘grey literature’. Grey literature, resources, and the internet are an unstable source of information that are dependent on the maintenance and ongoing support by organisations and individuals to invest in their upkeep.

The Evaluation Catalogue offers the evaluation community and discipline an opportunity to collate grey literature evaluation products and stabilise them into an enduring platform of great appeal. If you have a valued evaluation product, please upload it to this catalogue where information is saved and stored, rather than lost over time. It will be an enduring legacy for wide use by evaluators across the globe.

The Evaluators’ Collective makes an enduring commitment to the evaluation community to build and maintain this catalogue into the future. Your challenge, should you take it up, is to contribute your evaluation products to help make them accessible and available for evaluators and researchers alike.

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The tools provided in this workshop are incredibly practical and I can see how they might be applied in my work.

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The tools provided in this workshop are incredibly practical and I can see how they might be applied in my work.

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Lesley and Lyn have a lovely and warm facilitation styler, adding to the successful delivery of this workshop. Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in mentoring programs.

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