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Evaluation & Terminology

Evaluation and terminology – are we speaking the same language! When you start to think about evaluation and how to evaluate a program or service, it starts with a conversation. As an experienced evaluator and author, I am well aware that the language and terminology we use can be confusing. When I first started at Queensland University of Technology we were having a data conversation and I was able to count four different meanings for attrition. For example, from the Australian government’s perspective attrition in higher education is calculated after the census data (the point in which the student enrols and pays for the unit of study). For the students enrolled at a university last year at census date, compare this list to those enrolled at census...

Evaluation of Place-Based Initiatives

In evaluation, attribution and contribution analysis each have their place. Attribution analysis offers rigour to impact evaluation where there is a funder (or a consortium of funders) who implement (or contract out) the delivery of services. These services may be at a single site, community, state or territory or national level. In this case, there is a causal link between the delivery of the program to the intended audience. Contribution analysis offers rigour to evaluation of place-based initiatives where there are multiple funders (government, philanthropy, not-for-profit, social enterprises and community) who implement (or contract out) the delivery of services. In the situation of place-based initiatives in Australia, it is more likely to be located within a community experience extremely high levels of social disadvantage. Given the complexity...

How to develop performance frameworks and standard business reports

This workshop is for managers and executive staff who are interested in harnessing their corporate data to inform decision-making. There are many insights available to the executive and boards when corporate data is monitored and the data narrative is regularly discussed. Of our 101 strategic tools, you will be introduced to the following 10 tools: Tool # 63 The four-quadrant quality model Tool # 21 Strategy as policy Tool # 46 Performance frameworks and their purpose Tool # 25 Standardised business reports Tool # 34 Modelling datasets to determine efficacy Tool # 51 Beyond average: Nuanced reporting of Likert scales Tool # 76 Building business reports to address stakeholders’ questions Tool # 06 Technical specification for standardised business reports Tool # 32 Stop, start, continue, change Tool # 84 Business rules that guide standard business...

Developing Emerging Leaders

Developing emerging leaders' capability through strategy and planning Successful leaders are able to influence themselves and positively influence others. This workshop is for emerging leaders who want to build their leadership capability. Key strategies to support emerging leaders’ capability development will be explored including mentoring, coaching and training. Of our 101 strategic tools, you will be introduced to the following 10 tools: Tool # 74 Self-review checklist Tool # 11 Root cause analysis Tool # 59 SWOT analysis Tool # 39 Values checklist Tool # 16 Value driver tree Tool # 17 Decision tree analysis Tool # 01 The High Impact Mentoring Model (HIMM) Tool # 75 Coaching questions for emerging leaders Tool # 26 Leader behaviour inventory Tool # 30 Leader as mentor Through the use of practice scenarios, instructions and guidelines you will have the...