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How to commission an evaluation

As the former Chief Evaluator for the Commonwealth Department of Social Services, I quickly developed extensive experience as the commissioner of 25 external evaluations and chair of the assessment panels. Here is a series of questions that will help you to clarify the purpose of commissioning an external evaluation? 1. What is the program (or suite of programs) under review? Are the program purpose, objectives and available datasets known and documented Is all program documentation (including previous evaluations) available? 2. Is the program ongoing or terminating? If the program is ongoing what are the funding and reporting timeframes that will guide the timeframe for the evaluation? If the program is terminating this means decisions have already been made and I would ask the question “what benefit will...

Evaluation of Place-Based Initiatives

In evaluation, attribution and contribution analysis each have their place. Attribution analysis offers rigour to impact evaluation where there is a funder (or a consortium of funders) who implement (or contract out) the delivery of services. These services may be at a single site, community, state or territory or national level. In this case, there is a causal link between the delivery of the program to the intended audience. Contribution analysis offers rigour to evaluation of place-based initiatives where there are multiple funders (government, philanthropy, not-for-profit, social enterprises and community) who implement (or contract out) the delivery of services. In the situation of place-based initiatives in Australia, it is more likely to be located within a community experience extremely high levels of social disadvantage. Given the complexity...

The Evaluators’ Writing Retreat

This three (3) day retreat is for evaluators who would like to build their publication profile. You will have the opportunity to explore different forms of writing, develop a concept into an abstract and build it into a draft publication. Of our 101 tools you will be introduced to the following 10 tools: Tool # 64 Different forms of writing - abstract Tool # 23 Writing for whom? Tool # 47 How to review a journal article Tool # 61 How to write a book review (pairs) Tool # 79 Creating the core concept for a journal article Tool # 10 Judicious usage of key words Tool # 19 The art of designing a journal article title Tool # 100 How to write an abstract Tool # 97 How to write a journal article Tool...