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Strategy, Tactical & Operational

Call out to all non-profit organisations! Are you very clear about your Strategy, Tactical and Operational activities? You may need some external help to foster open and transparent conversations. Here are my definitions that help me unpack and understand these concepts. A knowledge broker is able to bring together disparate stakeholders and facilitate a conversation that leads to a knowledge exchange and the creation of new knowledge. Alongside excellent facilitation skills, a knowledge broker needs to have a keen understanding of the difference between Strategy, Tactical and Operational. Strategy sits at the heart of an organisation and for a non-profit organisation in Australia it is documented within its objects, vision and mission statements. This is the domain of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. Tactical is the services...

How to commission an evaluation

As the former Chief Evaluator for the Commonwealth Department of Social Services, I quickly developed extensive experience as the commissioner of 25 external evaluations and chair of the assessment panels. Here is a series of questions that will help you to clarify the purpose of commissioning an external evaluation? 1. What is the program (or suite of programs) under review? Are the program purpose, objectives and available datasets known and documented Is all program documentation (including previous evaluations) available? 2. Is the program ongoing or terminating? If the program is ongoing what are the funding and reporting timeframes that will guide the timeframe for the evaluation? If the program is terminating this means decisions have already been made and I would ask the question “what benefit will...

Managing Up

How to prepare your executive management for change This workshop is for people who are in a position of providing advice to their Board and executive management team. Of our 101 strategic tools, you will be introduced to the following 10 tools: Tool # 32 – Stop, Start, Continue, Change Tool # 17 – Decision tree analysis Tool # 24 – Stakeholder analysis Tool # 44 – Principles-based decision-making Tool # 01 – The High Impact Mentoring Model (HIMM) Tool # 45 - Drivers of change Tool # 53 - 5 phases of change Tool # 89 - Force field analysis Tool # 94 - Change management strategies Tool # 96 - Documenting decision-making Through the use of practice scenarios, instructions and tools, you will have the opportunity to explore and apply several change management strategies as...