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Communication that Counts

Questioning and feedback to help achieve results This workshop is about asking good questions and engaging in constructive, strengths-based feedback. You will be introduced to models and tools that help you create an environment where questioning and feedback are standard practices to help yourself and others achieve results. Of our 101 strategic tools you will be introduced to the following 10 tools: #01 – The High Impact Mentoring Model (HIMM) #66 – Thematic coding of qualitative comments #72 - The D.E.V.A.™ questioning model #60 - The 3Es questioning continuum™ #27 - Empathic listening #38 – Feedback skills checklist #54 – Strengths-based feedback model #68 – The feedback framework #91 - A decision-making model for asking good questions #73 – D.E.V.A.™ question bank You will have opportunities to...