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Evaluation Consultancy Services

The Evaluators' Collective offers evaluation consultancy services for commissioning external evaluations, conduct an external evaluation, capacity building for your staff and external expert advisor for your project. These services may be secured through an annual retainer, a flat negotiated fee or an hourly fee for a number of meetings.

Commissioning External Evaluations

To commission an evaluation you need to have a clear understanding of what your would like to achieve from the evaluation. The more clarity in the commissioning documentation up front will result in better value for money from the evaluation at the end. Commissioning an evaluation includes the overall evaluation design, costing the evaluation activities that make up the design and preparing the documentation to commission the evaluation. This service can assist you to commission an effective external evaluation.

Conduct An External Evaluation

To evaluate the success of a grant, program, project or service a certain level of independence is required to ensure that the evaluation is objective and even-handed in its results. This may mean that the evaluation will be required to be outsourced to an independent evaluator or evaluation consultancy. This service can assist you in increasing the rigour and objectivity of your evaluation outcomes.

Evaluation capacity building for your staff

There is increasing pressure for nonprofit organisations to conduct their own internal evaluation as part of their contractual commitments for government funding, especially for service provision. Depending on the size of the organisation, building evaluation capacity within your current staff may offer cost effective way to meeting your funding obligations. This service will build your organisation's internal evaluation capacity.

External expert evaluation advisor for your project

An alternative to commissioning an external evaluation is to work with an external expert evaluation advisor who is able to guide the implementation of a project. The evaluation guide-on-the-side offers expert advice to assist project teams to identify evaluation opportunities and collect the appropriate types of evidence to inform stakeholders of the outcome and impact of the project.

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